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All Your Fave Fast Food Mascots Reimagined As Anime Characters

Katie Cannon May 4, 2017 May 5th, 2017

We’re all familiar with the epic snarkfest that is the Wendy’s twitter account; dealing shade to drive thrus left and right, the fast food franchise’s titular personality was recently transformed into a sassy anime character by her legions of fans.

“Smug Anime Girl” Wendy was cute af as she delivered her truly savage zingers, and artists all over the net clamored to offer their take on the iconic character. And while that was a truly great meme, one artist wasn’t satisfied; why not illustrate the rest of the fast food mascots so that Wendy could have a full cast of anime frenemies to interact with?

Thusly OzumiiWizard, a digital artist from the Phillipines, set out to turn all Wendy’s peers into adorable (and honestly, kinda sexy) anime characters. Behold:

A beautiful, benevolent Dairy Queen

Starbuck’s sultry siren

A KFC that’ll make you hungry but mostly THIRSTY


Why am I so attracted to the KFC man?? THIS IS WRONG.


J. Co Donuts’ peacock turned pretty lady

A smarmy, autocratic Burger King

An adorable winking Jollibee

A dead-eyed Denny’s boy


And skeezy business bro Jack in the Box:

Still more of Smug Anime Wendy

And her ultimate rival, gawky but charming nerd Ronald McDonald:

And her continued verbal smackdowns:


She even did some darker, horror-inspired takes:


Check out more of Ozumii’s work on her Facebook and DeviantArt pages.


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