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Akashi Brewery is Introducing “Moe Beer” For All You Anime Fans

Staff Writer August 11, 2016 August 11th, 2016


Beer just got more bubbly.

Reported by Rocketnews24, 300-year-old Akashi Brewery, is introducing a new line of craft beer to blend your love of beer and anime–Moe Beer.

The new beer line comes in a six-pack with three different brews: Akashi Kaigan Beer (明石海岸ビール)Akashi no Kimi (明石の君), and Akashi Yuukyu no Toki. Each bottle is decorated with a cute, moe character, selected from designs from a contest at the Kyoto Institute of Design.


Check out the lineup of the beers and characters below, via Rocketnews24!

Akashi Kaigan Beer (Pilsner): A bottom-fermented beer crafted with hops; the world’s most popular type of beer also known as a “wheat beer” or “white beer.” The finished product is easy to drink and preserves the perfect amount of the hops’ flavor and aroma.

Akashi no Kimi Beer (Weizen): A top-fermented beer crafted with yeast. A large amount of malted wheat is used in addition to malted barley in its production. Akashi no Kimi Beer is distinctive for its partially translucent, light brown color and white bubbles.

Akashi Yuukyu no Toki (Schwarzbier): A dark lager crafted with superior-quality hops. It’s refreshing to drink with its characteristic body and perfect balance of sweetness. The brewery encourages people who normally shy away from black beers to try it. Since its name means “Eternal Time,” you can catch the fragrance of history from this brew.

Pilsner Moe Character 1: Umi


Pilsner Moe Character 2: Shii


Weizen Moe Character 1: Kimi


Weizen Moe Character 2: Mei


Schwarzbier Moe Character 1: Yuu


Schwarzbier Moe Character 2: Kyuu


A six-pack of Moe Beer will set you back 3,000 yen (about $30 USD), and a three-pack is sold for 1,500 yen.

Check out the online store here.

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