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A Tribute to The Extreme Kissability of Song Joong-ki

Katie Cannon April 15, 2016 October 30th, 2017

Once, Song Joong-ki was the baby-faced boy next door, charming us with adorable smiles and coy, chaste glances.

THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. They’ve been over quite a while, actually.  Joong-ki is a manly, manly man now and he kisses his leading ladies with the tongue-filled fervor of a thousand burning suns.

But alas: so seductive are his smooches that one of his co-stars decided to put a ring on it, and now this catch is officially off the market (as if he were attainable before, lol).  On Halloween 2017 (aka tomorrow), Joong-ki is getting married to his on-and-off-screen soulmate, Song Hye-ko, who he met while playing her paramour on the set of the wildly popular drama DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN. But rather than the mourn the loss of such a hunky specimen of bachelor, we’re going to celebrate his life–a life spent in pursuit of melting the hearts and quenching the thirst of fangirls everywhere–and enjoy one last shining moment of guilt-free lust for the guy before all our daydreams would necessarily involve homewrecking.

So here it is: a bittersweet ode to the man, the myth, the kissing legend.


We’ll begin with this goofy gem, to keep the tone light. You don’t want to overexert yourself too quickly.

Awwww. Adorable, yet…slightly suggestive.


Now it’s time to get vulnerable with our ~emotions~. Prepare yourself for an L-bomb:

My heart just twerked a little.


And yet, even as he’s breaking up with you…

He’s also kind of seducing you. Unfair.

He’s constantly struggling to keep his mackability at bay:

Such restraint.


But eventually, he loses control.


He surrenders to the make-out. 



And it is GLORIOUS.


Tender…yet firm.


Tangible proof that the man is a KISSING MACHINE. But of course,  all this is just the tip of the make-out iceberg. Are you ready for the smooch that launched a thousand gentle moans?





CALM DOWN, MAN. Bae just totally groped a boob.


I hope you got that out of your system.

Because this is kiss here is reality, man. This is the forever smooch.

Sigh. They’re perfect together.


If you still need more Song Joong-ki frenching (you minx), check out the frisky short film BELIEVE IN THE MOMENT right here on Asian Crush:



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