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5 Reasons You Could Actually Be An Awesome English Trainer in China

Katie Cannon July 23, 2018 August 20th, 2019

You’re skeptical. I get it. “Me? A teacher?” But hear me out: simply by clicking on this article, you’ve already singled yourself out as a potentially great candidate for becoming an English trainer in China.. Here’s why:

You’re Cultured

If you’re reading this article, you’ve got at least a passing interest in Asia. Time to channel all that cultural curiosity into something concrete: an actual job. Imagine, getting to see the places you’ve read about–not just as a tourist, but an actual contributing member of society. Isn’t that kind of the dream? You’d get to experience the values and principles of a philosophy you already love while helping a whole range of people master the English language and improve their own prospects.

You’re Adventurous

Looking to get out of your comfort zone? Try moving to another continent. As an English trainer in China, you’d get to meet new people, practice a different language, and explore new places. It’s like going on one of those soul-searching backpacking trips all those middle-aged white people write memoirs about, only you’d actually be 1) getting paid and 2) making a difference in people’s lives. You could still totally write a memoir, though.


You Have A Social Media Presence

You know how to use Twitter! Congrats—despite what your parents have spent the last ten years telling you, your social media prowess is a skill that will actually come in handy in the workforce. In the classroom, social media is becoming more and more popular as a teaching tool, especially for setting projects on Facebook pages and using voice messages to practice listening skills. WeChat (one of the most popular apps used in China) can also be used to teach online classes as well as share documents with students. So take that, Mom and Dad.


You’re Tech-Savvy

You spend most of your time on the Internet. (Same, honestly.) We know you would be great at using the state-of-the-art technology in our English training centers. English trainers in China are able to use technology to help make classes fun, rewarding, and up to date. Think of the content you would be able to share by putting your technological skills to use and enthralling young learners with real live footage of a zoo, or adult learners with a virtual tour of their own city to practice learning directions.


You’re Educated

Most of our followers on Facebook have a Bachelor’s degree, which is a huge bonus for those looking to become English trainers abroad. A lot of AsianCrush fans are also bilingual–which, while not essential, definitely makes the whole moving-to-a-foreign-country-to-teach English deal a lot easier. Living abroad can be a little nerve-racking at times, but having the ability to converse in the country’s home language (or at least knowing some handy phrases) will ease the process.


So what are you waiting for? Even if you’ve never considered becoming an English trainer, we know you have the skills and the passion to do so. Your crush on Asian culture, your technical know-how, and your adventurous spirit make you the perfect candidate. Learn more at www.englishfirst.com/asiancrush!