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Japanese Policewoman Falls For Yakuza She Arrested, Feeds Him Investigative Secrets

Otter Lee March 22, 2018 March 22nd, 2018

Too often, the real world generates storylines that you think could only exist in a movie, a romance game, or a hentai.

A 23-year-old member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Shinjuku Precinct resigned on March 19th after it was found that she had developed a completely inappropriate relationship with a Yakuza criminal.

The two actually first met in November of 2017 when she arrested him. Apparently, the gang member, who is described as being in his 30’s, proved to be a smooth and seductive charmer.

Emails and text messages between the two continued long after the initial interrogation. The policewoman placed her personal feelings above her rank and job, keeping up an intense friendship that blossomed into an unholy romance. The two even took romantic trips with one another after he was let out on bail.

Whether or not the love was true cannot be said, but the compromised cop admits that she actually acted as a secret informant for her beau. She gave him investigative tidbits that allowed him to protect his fellow gang members and criminal associates.

Any sane or ethical person would at least have waited until the investigation concluded before trying anything.

In her words: “I thought if I gave him information, he wouldn’t tell anyone about our relationship.” By the time she realized the whole thing was a completely terrible idea, it was too late for her to just call it off.

At first, the officer received a seemingly minor punishment  of six months of probation, but as the scandal became increasingly well known and publicized by the media, she officially resigned last Monday.

Don’t try to save a bad boy –he’ll bring you and your career crashing and burning down.

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