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Thai Coffee Shop Owner Could be Jailed For Sexy Model Advertisement

Otter Lee February 8, 2018 February 8th, 2018

A Thai coffee shop owner found himself in hot water after utilizing scantily clad female models to promote his business. 50-year-old Prasong Sukkorn could face up to five years of prison time as well as a fine of 100,000 Thai baht ($3,168) for uploading what the police see as a perverted commercial online.

According to Sukkorn, while he very much intended to use the charms and sex appeal of the two women to entice customers to his shop,  he does not see what he posted as “lewd or tarnishing to society.” It doesn’t help that the dialogue in the video talks a lot about “milk.”

The trouble all started when the two models, Arisa Suwannawong and Minggomut “Ming” Kongsawas,  entered Nina Coffee Shop, located in Chonburi’s Sattahip district. They claim that they were already dressed provocatively after a prior photoshoot. In exchange for free coffee, they offered to promote Nina Coffee Shop with a sexy video advertisement and photoshoot.

Suwannawong says “I talked to the owner, and he said that no one comes to his coffee shop because it’s far from the city, so I offered to make a video and he could share it.”

She adds “I wasn’t paid for this at all. I was just on my back from a photoshoot, and I was wearing sexy clothes anyway.”

Popular on social media with hundreds of thousands of followers, Suwannawong’s known by many of her fans as “Jaenae with the big boobs.”

Sukkorn posted his video on Facebook at 7 AM on the morning of February 3rd. By noon, it had generated a whopping 3,500 comments, 21,000 reactions and 8,800 shares. At the very least, thousands of people now know about Nina Coffee Shop.

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After backlash from the public and police, Sukkorn deleted the video. Many commented that the erotic nature of the video promoted dangerous stereotypes that make Thailand and its businesses seem like a brothel. Several female baristas in particular called out the post for fetishizing them and putting them in harm’s way.

Still, despite Sukkorn taking down the offending post,  authorities say that he is still liable for posting such obscene content in the first place as it violates the nation’s Computer Act.

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