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16 Perfect Presents For The K-Pop Fan In Your Life

Kia Tolentino December 13, 2017 December 13th, 2017


It’s that time of year again – and instead of scavenging for last-minute gifts, ya girl came prepared this year. Like me, I wouldn’t want you guys to go out into the cold unarmed. So whether you’re still looking for the perfect gift for a fellow piece of k-pop trash or just trying to #treatyoself, I’ve made a list of solid presents for your favorite stan.

1. K-Pop Decoden Phone Case

As if Decoden, the popular Japanese style of decorating a phone, wasn’t already cute as hell on it’s own, Etsy user PinkMochiFluff amps it up a notch with images of your fave idols. Can’t find ~the one~? No worries, she also does custom orders. Boom.


2. BTS Love Myself Pouch

Though this probably isn’t new info to you, BTS has been working with UNICEF to create the LOVE MYSELF campaign, which seeks to protect and support child and teen victims of domestic and school violence, as well as sexual harassment. 100% of the proceeds from sales of official goods from the campaign go to the cause, so you wouldn’t be giving a gift to just one person with this!


3. K-Pop Star Scented Candle

If you or your giftee have ever wondered what your bias smells like (it’s alright, so have I), wonder no more – or at least, kind of. KpopKandlesKo makes scented candles inspired by K-Pop songs and idols. While you can’t be sure they smell like Seulgi or Woozi unless you’ve personally gotten a whiff yourself, they definitely still smell amazing.


4. It’s Soju O’Clock Analog Clock

Any K-Pop connoisseur understands the significance of the iconic green bottle. And while this clock may seem a bit much, I can personally vouch for this having seen middle-age men down these things in broad daylight during my stay in Seoul.


5. Pierced Caps

If you haven’t already seen your bias rocking this, you will soon. The pierced cap in itself is *truly* a look. And now you, too can finesse the fashion style of  Lee Taemin or Kris Wu.

“Having a Bias is Better Than Having a Boyfriend” Digital Print

No time for shipping? Looking for a gift that’s a bit more ~mature~ or ~aesthetic~? StyleScoutDesign makes K-Pop inspired prints that are sure to blend well with any decor until your guests give it a second look and say, “Wait, what?” Prints are available for immediate download upon purchase – just bring them into your local print shop.


7. Monsta X Jooheon Fidget Spinner with Bluetooth Speaker

Y’all. I don’t even know where to begin with this. This is so ridiculous to the point where it’s cool. Plus the option for a built-in bluetooth speaker?! I can already see myself spinning this bad boy to the tune of Dramarama.


8. “Did You See My Bag?” Tote

Pretty sure everyone loves a good tote, but one with a clever caption is just next level. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and missed out on BTS’s drop – see what I did there? – of Mic Drop and it’s respective remix with Steve Aoki featuring Desiigner, anyone can appreciate the irony of this tote.*

(*Hella trophies not included)


9. BLACKPINK Member T-Shirt

For those times when you can’t pick a bias and you might as well just stan them all, there’s this shirt. For those times when you can, well, this shirt is still pretty lit.


10. BTS V’s Earrings from the DNA Music Video

What’s this? Another iconic look from another iconic person that you yourself can totally slay? Go for it.


11. Seventeen Watercolor Notebook

Let Seventeen be your motivation to take decent lecture notes with this pretty pastel hardcover notebook. While you’ll probably want to jam to Mansae for hours when you see the front cover before opening it, hey, at least you tried.


12. Red Velvet Tapestry

Spice up your place with some true royalty that are these #QUEENS. Personally I’ve always been a sucker for tapestries, but was never into the idea of having a mandala on my wall solely for decor purposes. This makes for the perfect solution for your fellow K-Pop trash.


13. Yehet? Ohorat! EXO Sehun Throw Pillow

Maybe “yehet” can be our “always.”

Combine your love for John Green novels about doomed teen lovers & for Sehun’s unique vocabulary–“yehet” being one of his go-tos–with this double-referential throw pillow.


14. Finger Heart Laptop Sleeve

Ah yes, the iconic finger heart. While you may not have an oppa personally sending you this universal sign, this sleeve is sure to give you a smile before you take out your laptop to binge on K-Dramas and sob for like, hours.


15. BIGBANG X Krunk Bae Bae Version Taeyang Clip-on Plush

In the same respect that I think everyone loves teddy bears, I also think everyone loves Taeyang. Combine the two in the terrible wardrobe used in the Bae Bae music video, and you have this cute little guy.


16. VIXX Logo Headphones

A pair of K-Pop themed headphones that look AND sound good? Say no more fam. While I’m sure you wouldn’t be entirely opposed to the idea of having your bias’s face pressed against your ear, these headphones take a more tasteful approach with the classic VIXX logo. These Fanstown headphones come emblazoned with different band’s images, so peruse the rest of their selection to find your faves!