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10 Hottest Asian Actresses Under 25 You Need To Know

Katie Cannon May 20, 2016 October 2nd, 2017

Kim Go-eun | South Korea | 24


Kim Go-eun full-on galloped into fans’ hearts this year with her extreme ~realness~ as the insecure but strong-willed lead of webtoon-turned-K-drama CHEESE IN THE TRAP. Overcoming the doubts of haters who’d never heard of her, Kim impressed audiences with her nuanced and vulnerable performance opposite Hallyu hunk Park Hae-jin–playing on a chemistry so hot that even their director shipped them together for a real-life romance.

Jo Bo-ah | South Korea | 24


Jo Bo-ah’s made a household name for herself in the last few years for her starring roles in dramas SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND and SURPLUS PRINCESS. But don’t let that adorable pout fool you–Jo’s big-screen debut as obsessed student-with-a-crush in INNOCENT THING proved that the actress can turn on the sex appeal–or the fear factor–without missing a beat. See for yourself– INNOCENT THING is available to stream for free on Asian Crush.

Lin Yun | China | 19


Lin Yun first made a splash at the box office this year playing the titular role in the wildly popular Stephen Chow film, THE MERMAID. The breakout star of 2016 will receive the Rising Star Award at the New York Asian Film Festival this summer.

Nana Komatsu | Japan | 20


Japanese model/actress Nana Komatsu filled every fangirl with green-eyed envy this spring in a NYLON photoshoot co-starring k-pop idol G-dragon–but that’s far from her most impressive feat. Komatsu’s starred as the heroine of manga movie adaptation BAKUMAN and the forthcoming OBORERU KNIFE, and is now expanding her oeuvre beyond Japan with a role in Martin Scorcese’s Japan-set indie SILENCE.

Ai Hashimoto | Japan | 20


Since 2010, Ai Hashimoto’s appeared in a whopping 26 films and 5 dramas. Back in 2008, she won the grand prize at the HUAHUA Audition. She can even boast a turn as J-horror icon Sadako in SADAKO 3D. Basically, what can’t this girl do?

Vivian Sung | Taiwan | 23


This leading lady isn’t afraid to go geeky for a role–a feat that earned her a Best Actress nom last year for her performance in OUR TIMES. Luckily for us, she’s still rocking the character’s tell-tale bob, inspiring hair and career #goals around the world.

Fumi Nikaido | Japan | 21


With her award-winning turn in HIMIZU, model-turned-actress Fumi Nikaido quickly established herself as a festival darling and rising star.  She’s been establishing herself as the go-to cult film actress, with strong performances in Shion Sono’s WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL? and Takashi Miike’s LESSON OF EVIL.

Shin Se-kyung | South Korea | 25


Shin Se-kyung first caught the public eye back in 1998 when she appeared on the album cover and poster for Seo Taiji’s solo effort TAKE FIVE. Since then, she’s gained a following for both dramatic and comedic roles in major motion pictures and TV series like HIGH KICK, DEEP ROOTED TREE, and HINDSIGHT. Catch her playing a swinger teen in the sexy short BELIEVE IN THE MOMENT (one segment of FIVE SENSES OF EROS) right here on Asian Crush. 

Coulee Nazha (Gülnezer Bextiyar) | China | 24


Aside from being an unfairly gorgeous human, Chinese actress Coulee Ghaza’s starred in film hits like THE BREAKUP GURU and will soon be debuting a slew of upcoming period dramas. Off-screen, she’s living out  a real-life rom-com by dating her I’LL NEVER LOSE YOU co-star Hans Zhang.

Jessie Li | China | 23



Jessie Li’s still only got one film credit to her name, but she’s making it count. The Hong Kong actress made her film debut in just this past December with the true-story crime thriller PORT OF CALL, then sat back and watched the Best Actress nominations roll in. She took home the award at several prominent festivals and awards, including the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards and the 22nd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. Look out for this girl on the international scene.