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William Shatner Picks His Favorite LOVE LIVE! Anime Character, Twitter Freaks Out

Otter Lee December 21, 2017 August 20th, 2019

Featured image by Twitter user @WinterJolt

William Shatner is best known for portraying and originating the role of Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series. The 86-year-old Canadian actor also scored two Emmys for his role on Boston Legal, and has also achieved notoriety and fame for his work as an author, equestrian enthusiast, musician, screenwriter, and director.

However, perhaps most surprising is that Shatner appears to be familiar with the anime Love Live! .

With 2.58 million Twitter followers, you would think that Shatner would not deign to answer every question that comes his way. However, just half an hour after user @CephaloQueen asked him “who is your favorite Love Live girl this is a very important question please answer,” Shatner responded.

Seemingly reluctant, he first asked “Why?” before confessing “Ok, it’s Umi.” His replay garnered almost 20,000 favorites and over 13,000 retweets.

While many fans were tickled that Shatner had an opinion at all on the matter, there were also a great deal who were angered that he picked Umi over Mako or Nico. Eventually, Shatner was moved to follow up on why he prefers Umi, referring to the other two as “stubborn.” His later answer demonstrates that his first tweet was far from a shot in the dark!


Eventually when an actual anime studio reached out to Shatner for comment, he delivered a valid critique of fandom and its obsessive tendencies. Keep in mind that this is a man who was living in fandom decades before the term was even coined.


Shatner also clarified that the reason he’s been watching any anime at all is because it’s an activity he participates in with his granddaughters. He also plays Minecraft with them as well. What a cool Grandpa!


I’m positive 2017 will be full of William Shatner X Umi and Captain Kirk X Umi fanfiction and fan art.