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The Vietnamese & Canadian Prime Ministers Held Hands And It’s Diplomacy #Goals

Otter Lee November 10, 2017 November 10th, 2017

The body language and chemistry between two heads of state is something that is often scrutinized intensely by netizens around the world. The Internet was not prepared, however, for the bromance that bloomed when Canadian Prime Minister/perfect male specimen Justin Trudeau and Vietnamese Prime Minister Xuân Phúc shared a particularly adorable moment in front of the camera.

Trudeau landed briefly in Hanoi to visit Phúc before attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), a forum dedicated to spreading free trade throughout Asia-Pacific region. At their fateful encounter, the two national leaders mentioned that they will be working together to bolster and strengthen the ties between Canada and Vietnam.

Education, human rights, diversity, inclusion, and gender equality were just some of the topics the two covered in outlining what looks to be an intensive and important partnership. Naturally, the Internet chose to focus on one meme-worthy moment that has very little to do with policy.

In the now viral video clip, Phúc can be seen reaching for Trudeau’s elbo. For a moment the two hold each other’s arms–then, the bromance intensifies with the men eventually holding each other’s hands as they descend a staircase.

Now, in Vietnam, holding hands is a relatively common activity between two adult men. Of course, the Internet is only interested in shipping, with users throughout social media imagining the two as tender friends or even lovers.

Others expressed jealousy that they themselves have never had access to Justin Trudeau and his strong yet gentle hands. Some posters wish Obama could get in on the sweet handholding action sometime–’cause let’s face it, Trump doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

In a post that has since been upvoted over 17,000 times, Reddit user MIIVCO commented: “If I was the Prime Minister of Vietnam, I’d feel like the prettiest girl at the ball!”

Long live PHUDEAU, the adorable prime minister pairing to conquer all other ships!