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South Korea (2003) | 120 minutes

Director: Park Chan-wook

The secondĀ of the popular Vengeance Trilogy, this cult classic Korean revenge drama is a must see experience. Dark, violent, and stylish, Park Chan-wook’s 2003 masterpiece Oldboy stars Choi Min-sik as a man suddenly released after 15 years of imprisonment by an unknown captor. To discover why he was kidnapped and take his vengeance, he has just 5 days to find the man who stole his life.

The full Oldboy movie with English subtitles is now available to stream free, only here at AsianCrush.

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Part 1: Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance
Part 2: Oldboy
Part 3: Lady Vengeance or Lady Vengeance (Fade to Black & White version)


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