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United Sends Family Dog On Plane To Japan Instead Of Kansas

Otter Lee March 20, 2018 March 20th, 2018

It’s something that could inspire the plot to a Disney movie!

Last week, the Swindle family was mortified to find that their beloved pet dog, Irgo, would not be joining them during their big move to Kansas. They arrived in Kansas City to pick up the 10-year-old German Shepherd from the cargo flight he had been booked for. Unfortunately,  the dog they found wasn’t theirs. Due to a mixup with a similarly large Great Dane, United Airlines had mistakenly sent Irgo over 11,000 miles to Japan.

Kara Swindle recalls bursting into tears at the discovery, recalling:  “It was just instant tears. I didn’t even know what to think. I was just so worried about where my dog was instead.”

She was especially concerned because it was Irgo’s very first time flying, and the poor pooch had been experiencing a painful ear infection.

United was not able to verify Irgo was in fact en route to Japan until after his plane landed in Narita Airport. For eight hours, the Swindles felt like his fate was quite literally up in the air.

United quickly apologized and promised to send Irgo back to the states on a cargo jet, but by then, the Swindles were angry, and they expected nothing less than the best for their dog.

Ms. Swindle remembers vehemently declaring “Absolutely not. You need to be doing this our way now. He is to be flying in the cabin, and honestly we don’t care how it happens. You just need to get it done.”

Irgo ended up flying to his new home on a fancy United Corporate jet with Ms. Swindle adding she was appeased that “Irgo was being treated like the king he is.”

In a concluding statement, Ms. Swindle made sure to share, “I will definitely never fly United again!”

Still, she’s lucky she got her dog back at all. A French bulldog flying from Houston to NYC via United last week, did not survive the journey after being crammed into a cargo compartment. The incident had sparked controversy in the form of protests and calls to boycott United. 



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