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Truck Driver Smacks Down Phone Thief Using Kung Fu Moves [Video]

Katie Cannon December 29, 2016 December 29th, 2016

It’s a tale tailor-made for the silver screen: A law-abiding blue-collar citizen. A nefarious thief. A spontaneous kung fu smackdown!  It sounds too cinematic for real life. BUT REAL LIFE IT IS–they caught it all on CCTV.

A saga of sweet vengeance is going viral in China, in which a truck driver gets his phone stolen and promptly delivers a epic smackdown–courtesy of a perfectly executed kung fu kick. Check out the footage:

Per Mashable, the driver, named Huo, had been waiting for a delivery when a man came and knocked on the door of his truck. Assuming he was there to deliver the goods, Huo tried to call his manager to confirm when suddenly the man snatched his phone out of his hands. You can see the incident from the truck’s camera:

Then the thief calmly walked off to his motor bike to make his grand escape–but he committed one fatal error: a U-Turn. When he turned around to flee down the other side of the street, he passed Huo’s truck on the other side. Huo, being the bad-ass apparently he is, jumped out of his vehicle and confronted the thief head-on, delivering a seamless kung-fu kick to the chest that knocked the perp off his bike and pinned him underneath it. A few punches later, and Huo’s got his phone back, along with whole lot of internet fame–netizens are calling him “Bruce Lee reborn.”


Oddly enough, the incident occurred in Foshan town, Guangdong province, the birthplace of martial arts folk hero Wong Fei-Hung. Could the kung fu legend’s Shadowless Kick had its moment in the IRL sun?


Via Mashable

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