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This Thai Cosplayer Mixes Food And Fashion To Parody Celebrities & It’s Amazing

Otter Lee May 18, 2018 May 18th, 2018

Thai social media star Sine Benjaphorn has over 52,000 followers for her cosplays, which are quirky in the most creative way. Instead of using a tailor’s normal repertoire of fabrics and threads, Sine uses food and other decorative delicacies to recreate famous celebrity outfits and photos.

Rihanna’s controversial Vatican costume from the Met Gala is transfigured into a Christmas hamper filled with Asian snacks and other trinkets.

In another, she swaps out sea green for leafy greens.

What about the time where she replaced gold finery with golden roasted meats, eggs, and poultry? Glamour never tasted so savory.

She even recreates this iconic blue puffy jacket with puffy blue bags of Lay’s Potato Chips.

Fabric flower petals can be made of sliced deli meats.

Sine even does anime cosplay cosplay with her own version of Dragon Ball Z’s Android 18 donning a vest that looks like it was snipped out of a tablecloth.

I love her innovative use of croissants to form arm pauldrons to mimic this larger than life TV drama character!

Merida from Brave gets crispy golden locks.

And whoa, she really puts the vibrant salmon color of bags of shrimp chips to work with this regal dress!

Not even world leaders are safe from Sine’s culinary copies. Her Kim Jong-un gives his speeches in a parking lot in front of a procession of sausages meant to represent his many microphones.

And I’d say she out-Harleyed DC Supervillain Harley Quinn with this leg of meat for a bat. It’s so crazy, it’s perfect!

Sine’s not afraid to be totally out there, she clearly adores food of all forms, and her creativity and palette appear limitless in their scope. As long as she has access to the Internet and convenience store products, she’ll stay viral!