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South Korean Student Assaulted With Wine Bottle To The Face In Brighton For “Being Asian”

Otter Lee October 19, 2017 October 19th, 2017

A South Korean University student named Yesung Li was harassed then attacked by three Brighton youths in what appears to be a hate crime. The assault occurred when one of them smashed a champagne bottle against Li’s face. According to multiple eyewitnesses, the offenders immediately shared with their victim that their actions were motivated “because you are f****** Asian!”

Cowardly and scummy from start to finish, the group then ran off to avoid responsibility for their racism.

Posted to Facebook, the video has been shared thousands of times, as Li’s friends implored the public to locate the hateful group. The translated post reads as follows:

Please everybody share this to all of your acquaintances. My friend just got unexpected racial attack by a english man in Brighton. As you can see from the video, his face got beat with a champaign bottle, so one of his teeth was broken, 10 of them are shaking, and the one that was broken is prescribed to be requiring killing nerve of teeth. The situation started with the attacker throwing a bottle of wine behind my friend. My friend asked him why he has thrown the bottle him and then he answered “Because you are xxcking asian.”. After that, even though my friend tried to ignore and go back home, he kept making racial face, gestures, and saying racial words. After he got beat by the attacker, all 3 of them ran right away. For now, We have contacted the police and South Korea Embassy. I’m repeating this again cuz I’m really angry and frustrated about this situation. Please share this post a lot so we can catch the attacker as soon as possible!! (Especially, English help us a lot.)

As outlined in the post, Kim suffered extensive dental damage.

In a later statement to the media, Kim added more to his account of the senseless and sickening incident.

The girls were encouraging the boys to fight with me. People around us were saying let’s watch them fight and were making a joke out of it. I was then hit again by a bottle that struck my face and smashed one of my teeth, leaving another eight or nine of them loose and shaking. I was very annoyed. The group was also making racist gestures at me and using horrible words like monkey.They were trying to do monkey impressions and were pulling their ears and pulling their eyes to the side. I feel like they did it just because I am foreign but I just want to study here.

Kim reportedly still has difficulties speaking and eating in the aftermath of the hate crime. A crowdfunding campaign for Kim’s medical expenses was launched on Justgiving with donors reaching 154% of the £1,000 goal in a single day.

Anyone with information on the racist criminals involved is urged to contact the Sussex Police Department, who added “Enquiries are ongoing and anyone who saw what happened is asked to report it online or call 101 quoting serial 1481 of 15/10.”

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