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Sit, Stay, Switch: Nintendo’s Switch Dog Brought to Plushy Life

Mickey Silberstein October 26, 2016 August 20th, 2019

Earlier this week, Nintendo gave the public its first look at the company’s newest console. The reveal of the Nintendo Switch prompted an immediate response online. Some people were excited about the console’s versatility. Others freaked out about the gorgeous looking new Zelda game. A few people were worried about battery life.

Everyone, however, agreed on one thing: no matter what promises the Switch actually delivers on, no matter how hard it does or doesn’t drop the ball, the console will – at the very least – look just like a puppy. Of course Twitter was immediately flooded with illustrations demonstrating this (very important) point.

One particular user, however, wasn’t satisfied by these 2D depictions. “Not enough dimensions,” I imagine she proclaimed.

Fortunately for us, this particular Twitterer was AnnaTheRed – a woman of action. So rather than just point out her dissatisfaction, she set out to fix it. She gathered her crafting supplies, and returned to Twitter with an immensely more huggable rendering of the internet’s favorite new robo-dog. So ink and lines, you can go screw – we’ve got flesh and bone felt and fluff.

As if this thing wasn’t cute enough, it’s even got a little butthole!

@TheAnnaTheRed, we salute you. You done good.

(via Kotaku)

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