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See Korea’s Most Beautiful Kpop Stars at their Goofiest

Staff Writer March 10, 2016 March 10th, 2016


f(x)’s Krystal. EXO’s Kai, and GOT7’s Jackson are some of the dreamiest stars in K-pop. Women swoon over them, men see Cupid’s arrow at the mere mention of their names. But, beneath the glitz, glamour, and catchy jams, they’re just human, like you and me. And we’re all prone to making a funny face here or there, no matter how many chart toppers we’ve got on the resume.


AllKpop has presented a funny take on the culture of pop idolatry, with a new photo compilation that catches 15 stars of Korean pop culture captured in goofy facial expressions.

From a sleepy-eyed Suzy (miss A), to V (BTS) busting a fail of a move, this list’s got a little comedy to lighten any k-pop lover’s day.

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