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Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down

When Tiffany comes home to find her husband has been kidnapped, a bizarre ransom is demanded in exchange for h...

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The Suitcase Man

Tony An takes a trio of celebrity guests on the trip of a lifetime: Guam! Watch k-pop idols Luna of F(x) and Y...

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On her birthday, teenage Yeonji ventures off to a birthday party that promises to be a memorable one.

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A novice drug mule and hapless taxi driver pair up through accidental circumstances to help save each other fr...

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Our Time Will Come

In this award-winning historical epic starring Eddie Peng and Zhou Xun, a young schoolteacher finds herself in...

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Nessun Dorma

In this psychological neo-noir thriller, a woman experiencing cold feet about marrying her wealthy fiancé is k...

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The Haunted Cop Shop

Co-written by Hong Kong legend Wong Kar-wei, this buddy-cop horror comedy sees two bumbling police partners su...

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Kidnap Ding Ding Don

Getting kidnapped may not have seemed ideal at first, but now that her abductor has amnesia, Ding Ding is seei...

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Dachimawa Lee

Mixing high kicks with hilarity, this 007 spoof revolves around a Korean "Austin Powers" during the Japanese o...

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The Silent Teacher

Quietly heart wrenching and humbly philosophical, this acclaimed documentary follows the family of a woman who...

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The Golden Era

This sweeping biopic chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of Xiao Hong, China's most celebrated woman writer...

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Crying Fist

CRYING FIST is a genre-busting box office smash about two men from different walks of life searching for a lit...