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Beautiful Accident

Due to a clerical error in the afterlife, high-powered lawyer dies before her time and must live out a week in...

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Foret Debussy

After the murder of her husband and son, a pianist and her mother retreat into the mountains to live in isolat...

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Mei's Butler

Mei's simple life is turned upside down when she discovers she's the heiress to an enormous fortune, and is fo...

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Goodbye Mr. Loser

A middle-aged nobody somehow goes back in time and has the chance to redo his entire life, starting with winni...

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Robinson's Crusoe

A real estate broker isolated by his success spends his time dreaming of Crusoe, an island in the Caribbean.

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When a college student meets a girl who's the spitting image of a woman from his past, together they unlock th...

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Kuei-Mei, A Woman

The ups and downs, dreams and heartbreaks of a woman over four decades are chronicled in this drama. From a tr...

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Kidnap Ding Ding Don

Getting kidnapped may not have seemed ideal at first, but now that her abductor has amnesia, Ding Ding is seei...

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The Gangster's Daughter

When her mom dies unexpectedly, a rebellious teen is reunited with her dad, a small-time Taipei gangster. The ...

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Boys on the Run

Nearing 30 and not even close to losing his virginity, socially awkward salesman Tanishi tries desperately to ...

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The Moveable Feast

Wan returns home not only as a failed model and deep in debt, but she also finds out her family's restaurant b...