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A Teacher from Taiga

Battulga used to work as a teacher in high-school. Now he does not teach anymore. He even promised himself tha...

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Trapped Abroad 2

Years ago, Garid took the fall for his friend Tegshee in a murder case. Now, Tegshee has gotten Garid out of p...

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Made In Mongolia

When a country guy moves to the city to live on the land he inherited from his father, he discovers it's prime...

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Can three party loving dudes save their country all over again? When a group of rowdy pals are transported bac...

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Top Secret

Inspired by a true story, this compelling war drama follows a group of soldiers completing their final gruelin...

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Dangerous Affair

He's playing a dangerous game, with his adulterous affair--and it's not just his life on the line.

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Beautiful young Alimaa returns from a prestigious Russian ballet school to find the country dominated by a cor...

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Two Hearts

When his son falls into a coma after an accident, Gala is determined to keep him on life support--even as the ...