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Rouge Of The North

A past love comes to haunt a woman's arranged marriage in this historical drama. The beautiful Yin Di is marri...

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Why Asians Hate Tanning

Take a look into the extent people go to avoid getting tan in Asia.

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Singapore Country

A tribute to Singapore's pioneering country singer Matthew Tan, tracing the genesis of his No.1 hit song "Sing...

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Take Me Home

An acclaimed horror venture from Thai crime auteur Khongkiat Khomsiri. After losing his memories in an acciden...

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Destiny Upside Down

Born on the same exact day, It and Tan couldn't be more different. And they've vowed to hate each other for th...

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Cock and Bull

When a small-town mechanic is made a patsy for a murder he didn't commit, his quest to prove himself innocent ...

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Hand of Death

(English dubbed) A John Woo Kung Fu classic featuring rare early performances by Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen...

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Happy Birth Death

A birthday party goes horrifically awry when its guests start disappearing one by one.

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Lucky 7

Seven directors paint a portrait of modern Singaporean life in this omnibus of short films celebrating the cou...

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Under the Power

When Lu Yi of the imperial secret police is paired off with the beautiful, hot-headed constable to investigate...