Indonesian Magician Scares The S**t Out of Jay Park To Win Asia's Got Talent [Video]

Indonesian Magician Scares The S**t Out of Jay Park To Win Asia’s Got Talent [Video]

Otter Lee December 15, 2017 December 15th, 2017

Maybe the creepiest act ever, The Sacred Riana was just crowned the winner of Asia’s Got Talent. Hailing from Indonesia, the 25-year-old illusionist’s long, dark hair, twitching face, and garbled speech give her the appearance of someone who has been possessed.

In her first judge’s audition, The Sacred Riana barely spoke to the judges while she performed a card trick on them. After correctly guessing Jay Park’s card, The Sacred Riana astounded Anggun and the rest of the audience when she was able to produce a photograph of herself sitting beside the judge.

For her final AGT performance, The Sacred Riana performed a seance, calling forth members of the audience as well as American-born Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist Jay Park (who she seems to have a special fixation on). The peculiar performer promised the audience she would uncover Park’s greatest fear.

He played along whilst his fellow volunteers, the table, and the seemingly haunted artifacts on it began to draw them around the stage. The Sacred Riana also offered everyone some historical tidbits and lessons on how and why people first started trying to contact the dead.  She’s a woman of few words, Riana–but when you do hear her voice, it’s appropriately witchy, cackly, and just plain disturbing.

When the time came, Park admitted that his greatest fear was “unhappiness,” and to the astonishment of all of the judges as well as the entire audience, The Sacred Riana revealed that written answer on a wooden board moments later in the creepiest of fonts.

The judges all applauded The Sacred Riana’s performance whilst also commenting on how they were terrified of supernatural retaliation should they have anything disparaging to say.

As for The Sacred Riana, all she would say in response to the audience’s warm reception was the menacing, cryptic, “We are happy.” (WHO IS WE??)

For her final trick, The Sacred Riana appeared to conjure multiple zombified people from a small box before vanishing and reappearing behind the judges. Her shock value and spectacle were unmatched!

As winner of the contest, which depended on audience votes from around the world, The Sacred Riana receives $100,000.

Her manager, Mr. Vernon, spoke on her behalf saying “Riana is very surprised to win. She joined the show because she just wanted to share her performance with other people. I think people loved her because they have never seen any other magician like her.”

Regarding questions related to his client’s odd mannerisms and true age, Mr. Vernon would only say that The Sacred Riana is over 100 years of age, and that “she is a quiet girl by nature, so it’s easy. She is not the talkative type.”