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“Racist” German Ad Shows Asian Woman Getting Off To Caucasian Man’s Aroma

Otter Lee April 8, 2019 April 8th, 2019

In both Europe and the Americas, Asian women have suffered from being fetishized. Popular and commercial culture depicts them as hypersexual, mysterious creatures that fulfill male sexual desires and wish fulfillment. One German ad recently elicited outrage for playing up such stereotypes.

Hornbach, a DIY company ran the offending ad on March 15th. It shows sweaty, burly caucasian man working outside. Two scientists vacuum seal the dirty clothing and send it to a vending machine. An Asian woman eagerly orders the clothes and smells them, becoming visibly turned on.

Hornbach’s ad also references the Japanese practice of Burusera, where used clothing is dispensed to fetish enthusiasts. On top of that, it plays into the stereotype that Asian women must be attracted to Caucasian men with that attraction being depraved and over-the-top.

Twitter users were quick to point out the racism of the advertisement and the dangerous environment it creates for Asian women in Germany and other European countries. The erroneous belief that all Asian women are attracted to white men has been used to justify sexual harassment and even assault.

From a marketing standpoint, the commercial also doesn’t make a lot of sense. What exactly is Hornbach hoping to sell with their racist stereotypes? It isn’t clear from the ad.

Perhaps even more baffling and irritating was Hornbach’s Twitter response. The company tried to spin their problematic commercial as being a PSA on the declining quality of life in urban environments.

Nobody bought their half-assed apology or infuriating (still racist) justification.

The ad has yet to be taken down from YouTube, and has accrued millions of views as well as over 6,000 dislikes.

Eventually, Hornbach posted a second response to the backlash on their YouTube, inviting offended parties to an open dialogue.

It doesn’t look like they’re going to be able to wash out this stain so easily.

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