PSY Did Covers of Sunmi & Beyoncé And The World May Never Be The Same [Video] | AsianCrush

PSY Did Covers of Sunmi & Beyoncé And The World May Never Be The Same [Video]

Kia Tolentino January 2, 2018 January 2nd, 2018

Famous for the insanely viral music video for “Gangnam Style,” Korean singer PSY certainly ended the year on a high note with his annual “All Night Stand” concert. The series has been around since 2003, generally beginning around midnight and continuing into the early hours of the next day. I see what you did there, PSY.

This concert was particularly special, however, considering a certain performance involving bras that shoot fireworks and thigh high pleather boots. The famed innovator of the “horse dance” stepped up his skills to perform his own rendition (choreo and all) to the K-Pop anthem of the year, Sunmi’s “Gashina.” In a floral blouse and pleather shorts, the singer served looks and swayed his butt, with his performance comparable to the K-Pop queen. Okay. maybe not so much–but he tried it. Isn’t that enough for a 40-year-old Korean icon?

Speaking of queens – following the firework show courtesy of a few pyrotechnic bras, PSY stripped down to an even more scantily clad outfit my mother would never approve of on me, let alone a middle aged man, to cover the Queen B herself. Effortlessly falling into formation (pun intended), the singer proceeded to bust out into the choreography for “Single Ladies.” With his sequin-covered leotard and bunny tail in back, PSY strutted across the stage with a kind of confidence that showed he was more than ready for the new year. Talk about #goals.

The best part is – this is nothing new for the singing sensation. Two years prior he performed “Up and Down” by EXID, and the year before that he performed Hyuna’s “Red.” Somewhere in the distance, girl groups are watching his performance and mourning their careers – Girls Generation who? Twice? Sorry, I only know PSY.