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Pokémon Rights Are Up For Grabs in Top Secret Studio Auction

Tim Rousseau April 19, 2016 April 19th, 2016

Warner Brothers and Legendary Entertainment are locked in a fierce poké-battle to acquire the live-action adaptation rights to the billion-dollar multimedia franchise from Japan.

Currently, a top secret auction for the rights to turn Pokémon into a big-budget live action movie is underway, and it appears that Legendary is winning. The blockbuster movie studio is not foreign with making movies with strong Asian influence, having produced PACIFIC RIM (2013) and GODZILLA (2014). However, since Legendary is now owned by the Chinese investment conglomerate Dalian Wanda, some are worried about potential problems due to the long history of political and cultural tension between China and Japan. However, Legendary has previously worked with Japan through its coproduction with Toho Co.

team rocket pokemon

– Who will catch them all? – ME ME

Regardless of the winner, it seems like a live-action Pokémon movie is on the horizon for the next year. With this year’s “Train On” Super Bowl commercial, American audiences have already gotten a glimpse of what Pikachu and company might look like in blockbuster format.

What do you think? Should Pokémon be adapted into a live-action film? And who should make it?

Source – The Hollywood Reporter

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