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Stephen Chow 周星馳

Stephen Chow

Birthday: June 22, 1962


Stephen Chow (周星馳 ), dubbed the "funniest man in China," was the only boy of his family. Chow grew up as a Bruce Lee fan and a martial arts addict. His career started on TV, where he presented the children show "Space Shuttle 430" (1983) and started becoming popular. He got some supporting roles, after that, and won the Taiwanese Golden Horse award for "Best Supporting Actor."

Chow began as an actor in the films "The Final Combat" (1989), "All for the Winner" (1991), and "Fight Back to School" (1991), which became Hong Kong's highest grossing film of all time. Chow did not start directing films until 1994. The first film that he directed was "From Beijing with Love." Some of his most popular films also include "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle."

He began gaining traction in China towards the latter half of the 1990's. Chow inevitably became a "pop culture phenomenon," and his films were highly successful and went on to break records not only in China but various countries. Chow's 2007 film "CJ7," based on China's two manned missions to space, became the highest grossing film ever in Malaysia and was nominated for multiple Hong Kong Film Awards. In 2013, his film "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons" became the highest grossing film of all time in China. Three years later, his film "The Mermaid" broke the record he previously set in 2013. In 2016, Chow became the ninth top grossing director in Hollywood.

Stephen Chow's creativity of action and comedy continues to find new audiences, and his work will continue to entertain viewers around the world for years to come.

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