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Nao Omori Japanese Actor

Nao Omori

Birthday: February 19, 1972


Nao Omori (大森南朋)  is a massively prolific Japanese actor best known for playing the title role in iconic auteur Takashi Miike's cult hit Ichi the Killer. He also co-starred with Shinobu Terajima in Ryuichi Hiroki's Vibrator.

Omori is a staple of Japanese cinema both arthouse and mainstream, starring in films like the acclaimed horror manga live-action adaptation Helter Skelter (2012), raw indie drama Ravine of Goodbye (2013), razor-sharp satire Tokyo Playboy Club (2012), surrealist anthology adaptation Rampo Noir (2005)and crime romance The Egoists (2011).

Omori has lent his voice to popular anime films like Tekkonkinkreet and Studio Ghibli's acclaimed Up On Poppy Hill, as well as the video game Yakuza 6.

Omori's television work includes Japanese drama series Hagetaka: Road to Rebirth (2007), Ryōmaden (2010) Kōnodori (2015), and Totto TV.

Born in Tokyo in 1972, Omori comes from a family of filmmakers: his father is actor Akaji Maro and his younger brother is director Tatsushi Ōmori.

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