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Ma Dong-seok Korean Actor

Ma Dong-seok

Birthday: March 1, 1971


Ma Dong-seok (마동석) is an American actor born in South Korea. On his birth certificate, he was Lee Dong-seok; before beginning his acting career in Korea, he was often called by his Western name, Don Lee.

Ma Dong-seok has become a fan favorite and critical darling over the past several years for his scene-stealing supporting roles, as he did with great success playing a loveable badass in 2016's breakaway zombie flick hit Train to Busan.  Before the massive success of TRAIN TO BUSAN, the actor spent years cutting his teeth in smaller roles in big-time hits like THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE WEIRD, THE UNJUST, LOVE 911, SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND and the American Netflix series SENSE 8, then built his reputation with meatier roles in mob thrillers like NAMELESS GANGSTER(2012) twisted mysteries like edgy auteur Kim Ki-duk's ONE ON ONE (2014), and even goofy rom-coms like MARRIAGE BLUE

His work as Sang-hwa in TRAIN TO BUSAN earned him four major Best Supporting Actor nominations, winning the honor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Prior to BUSAN, he'd been nominated and won another Best Supporting Actor prize for his role in the 2012 suspense-thriller THE NEIGHBOR.

Later in 2016, Ma joined the star-studded cast of the fantasy-comedy WITH GOD; In 2017, he's moved up to starring turns in big South Korean releases like THE OUTLAWS, THE BROS, and WONDERFUL LIFE, and has reportedly been in talks with major Hollywood studios.

Before Ma turned to acting, he was a personal trainer, and trained martial artists Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.

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