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People In China Are Calling The Police To Try & Date This Hot Hero Cop

Katie Cannon January 19, 2018 January 19th, 2018

Level with me here, people: there’s nothing hotter than a man in uniform–provided they’re not shooting innocent black people. Particularly a man in uniform not shooting innocent black people who also stops pregnant women from jumping off of buildings. That, my thirsty friends, is a guy you bring home to mom.

Or at least that’s the thinking amongst the single women and meddling parents of Hangzhou, China, who’ve been calling up the local police station trying to get the deets on a certain officer named Wang Haobin.

Here’s what we know thus far about Wang Haobin: he’s 25. He’s an ex-gymnast. And now he’s a veritable hero–and Hangzhou’s most eligible bachelor.

Last Friday, you see, Wang made headlines when he responded to a call about a woman standing on  a ledge of a 16-story building, threatening to commit suicide. While the crowd below tried to persuade her not to jump, Wang came to the rescue by climbing over a wall on top of the building to reach the woman–who was 2-months pregnant–and carrying her to safety.

Since then, dozens of women have rang up the police trying to set up a date with the handsome knight in shining armor. And while the police refused to give out Wang’s contact info, they reportedly have encouraged his admirers to be on the lookout for him off-duty. Apparently, Wang’s single–but not necessarily looking for anything serious.


Via South China Morning Post