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Penis Whitening Is The Newest Cosmetic Trend In Thailand

Otter Lee January 5, 2018 August 20th, 2019 penis whitening thailand

We’ve all heard about rich people who like to bleach their booties, but believe it or not, there are actually men in Thailand who are going through the process of having their penises whitened. It’s true!

The Skin and Laser department at Lelux Hospital in Bangkok gets around 100 customers a month who demand that their penises be made more pale. Lelux is praised for its body bleaching and plastic surgery expertise, letting thousands of Thai people achieve their desired look: whiter, skinnier, and younger.

This is a second time in the spotlight for Lelux, who pioneered the 3D Vagina technique last year, where a patient’s body fat is pumped into their vagina to make it more youthful and full.

Lelux aired a special advertisement in time for the New Year last week, swiftly bringing viral attention to its popular new procedure. The phenomenon first began when a male customer asked to have the dark spots on his groin eliminated six months ago. Now, Lelux estimates that every day, at least three to four people are coming in to have their genitals bleached.

Penis bleaching is a delicate process on a delicate area of the human body, utilizing lasers to achieve the cosmetic effect. The hospital described its clients as being between the ages of 25-55, and many as being a part of Thailand’s LBGTQ community.

The entire procedure takes five sessions and costs about $650 USD.

Whitening and bleaching services in Thailand and other parts of Asia have often been met with criticism for promoting both the stereotype that fairer skin is somehow superior, and outright white supremacy. While many social media posts ridiculed the practice, others were concerned that the entire fad represents a new level of self-loathing and amongst the Thai people.


Via The Straits Times