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Oppa For Rent: This Travel Service Lets You Hire A Handsome Korean Oppa to Show You Around Seoul

Kia Tolentino April 20, 2018 April 20th, 2018

For all you ladies and gents out there that’ve dreamt of the day you’d find your K-pop or K-drama oppa in Korea, this isn’t quite it. But, hey, it may be the next best thing.

Oh My Oppa is a tour service that lets you to rent an “oppa” to see the popular sites and local spots in Seoul with. The company cleverly plays into the term, often used as a form of endearment towards an older guy or boyfriend. They strictly refer to their tour guides as oppas, and each guide- er, oppa – has his own unique itinerary of places to see.

Hi 😉 Sean Oppa knows where to spend time with cute animals in Hongdae street~~!Let's ask Sean to take you there !!www.ohmyoppa.com

Posted by Oh My Oppa on Saturday, April 14, 2018

While these oppas are up for rent, they’re certainly not up for grabs. Romantic hand holding video by the Han River aside, this is not to be confused with a dating service of any sort. And while not all of these guys are certified tour guides either, most do speak English, if not Chinese or Japanese. Rather, these are just friendly dudes that’ll show you around.


There are currently eight oppas available to take you anywhere from the top of the Lotte World Tower, to SM Artium at COEX Mall. You can visit the Raccoon Cafe with Sean oppa, or try live octopus with William oppa. Each tour is 2 and a half hours, allows 1-3 guests, and will run you $60-$70. While some of these tours include certain costs such as entry and drinks, other things may be an additional expense. It’s best to check each individual tour as to what might cost you extra.


While you might be fine doing some of these activities on your own, sometimes it’s better with someone else – i.e., you can’t go to Korea without going to noraebang, and the only people that sing karaoke by themselves are either training to go pro or probably a loser. Plus, areas like Hongdae and Insadong are notorious for their hidden gems – which of course, you can only find after navigating through a labyrinth of side streets.

If you’re headed to Korea and trying to avoid tourist traps and Tinder, but still want to meet cool, good-looking locals and find dope spots, maybe you should think about renting an oppa.

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