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This Show Is Being Hailed as China’s SEX AND THE CITY For Tackling Society’s Relationship Taboos

Otter Lee August 14, 2017 August 15th, 2017

A man, after finding out his devoted partner is not a virgin, calls the whole relationship off. It sounds like the kind of storyline you would see in a melodramatic history series or period piece–but it’s actually a story arc on Ode to Joy, a modern Chinese drama series that has plenty of women singing its praises as they find its characters and their stories both relatable and empowering.

Many are likening it to western series Sex And the City, which became a huge hit and classic for its frank depictions of female sexuality. Now in it’s third season, Ode to Joy is continuing to serve up enthralling plots involving workplace challenges and relationship woes, and Chinese women can’t get enough of it. Its five heroines are savvy professionals in the fields of business and finance that find themselves caught up in turbulent romances that cause them to question their traditional family values. In their down time, the women hang out in their beautiful apartment complex as well as drink and brunch around town. Per The Telegraph:

Upper middle class women as a social group with desires and demands has since been achieving unprecedented visibility in China. A traditionally patriarchal society, China is now starting to gravitate towards being a more liberal society slowly but surely. More women are becoming educated and working in office jobs than ever before. For people born in the 1980’s, the nation’s divorce rate has also steadily increased.

And where do people look for empathy and guidance? Their televisions of course!

One 27-year old Chinese woman praised the show’s mix of realism and drama, saying “It helps that the lives of people in the series are based on ordinary women, but obviously, Ode to Joy is more dramatic, which is why it is one of my favourite shows.”

It just goes to show that creating quality programming for women is an important step to any network’s success in the world!


Via The Telegraph