• Election
    crime, drama
    In what Tarantino himself lauded as "the best movie of the year," this visceral crime drama follows rival mob members as they struggle to become the new...
  • Oldboy
    drama, thriller
    Park Chan-wook's masterpiece about a man suddenly released after 15 years of imprisonment by an unknown captor. To take his vengeance and save his lover,...
  • The Nightingale
    drama, family
    An elderly man reconnects with his granddaughter on a journey across China to fulfill a promise to his late wife.
  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
    drama, thriller
    The first film Park Chan-wook's iconic Vengeance Trilogy sees a desperate man kidnap his boss's daughter to get ransom for his dying sister's kidney transplant....
  • So Young 2: Never Gone
    drama, romance
    Kris Wu stars in this coming-of-age romance about love lost and found again. Class tensions and family strife tore these college sweethearts apart; will...
  • Chongqing Hot Pot
    action, comedy, crime
    In this visually stunning crime comedy, three struggling friends trying to illegally expand their restaurant accidentally dig themselves into a bank vault--ripe...
  • Sweet Sixteen
    drama, romance
    Love, sacrifice, and vengeance fuel this heart-wrenching coming-of-age drama starring k-pop idol Kris Wu.