• For A Few Bullets
    action, comedy
    A professional thief must team up with a special agent to stop the Japanese military from stealing a national treasure.
  • The President's Last Bang
    comedy, thriller
    A razor-sharp black comedy retelling the life of controversial South Korean President Park Chung-hee and the events leading up to his infamous assassination....
  • Cyrano Agency
    Can't find a date? Lost all hope for love? The Cyrano Dating Agency is here to help you get the right connections. Watch the original movie that lead to...
  • My Lucky Stars
    action, comedy
    (English Dubbed) A Hong Kong detective (Jackie Chan) on assignment in Japan gets help from his old buddies to rescue his captive partner in this action...
  • Gabi: Russian Coffee
    historical, thriller
    At the turn of the 20th century, Tanya - the King's personal barista - gets caught in between a coup d'etat attempt that will shape Korea. Now, she must...
  • Love Clinic
    comedy, romance
    A male obstetrician and a female urologist open up practices in the same building - soon they cross paths more than just professionally.
  • Nameless Gangster
    crime, drama, thriller
    In this Scorcese-esque thriller, a corrupt government official finds his fate in the hands of two powerful mob bosses.