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Lala Pipo

Japan  (2009)  - 94 minutes
Adapted from the Cult Novel by Hideo Okuda Starring Hiroki Narimiya (NANA, SAKURAN, RAMPO NOIR) and Saori Hara
SYNOPSIs Director

Colorful and irreverent, LALA PIPO follows the sexual follies of several Tokyoites whose stories converge in unexpected ways. Based on Hideo Okuda's cult novel of the same name, the film enters a world where slick talking pimps, naive porn stars, and a couple of lady-repelling nerds come together to reveal the many tentacles of the Tokyo sex industry.

Masayuki Miyano
Hiroki NarimiyaSaori HaraTomoko MurakamiYuri Nakamura

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