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MONSTA X’s Wonho And Jooheon Support And Advise Struggling Gay Fan

Otter Lee June 12, 2019 June 12th, 2019

Happy Pride Month! For many in the LBGTQIA community, K-Pop provides a welcome escape from the harsh realities of shame and discrimination. MonstaX members Wonho and Jooheon received a plea for advice from a gay Monbebe (Monbebe being an affectionate term for a fan of the group).

The netizen asked, “I’m homosexual, so my parents are not supporting me. What should I do?”

After a moment of contemplation, Wonho urged the fan to stand up for themselves and not back down from their struggle.

In his words:

I think in this case, I can only say that you need to face it head on. It would be great if your parents supported you right away, but if your parents do not support you, then you must face it and overcome it… I don’t know what your parents might say, but until you can get them to understand… I mean, in truth, there’s nothing to really ‘understand’ about it, but all people are different and so I think you need to face it until they can understand

Jooheon also chimed in thoughtfully, declaring, “Whatever the situation, believe that what you feel is right is the right thing.” Both boy band members then urged the asker to keep “fighting!”

You can watch the full exchange via this video posted to Twitter.

Many of Wonho’s superfans were not surprised by the moving, heartfelt statement, as he is known for his liberal and fluid views on gender and sexuality.

South Korea is an extremely conservative nation, so Wonho and Jooheon’s support are a refreshing and welcome attitude, especially with June’s Pride Month!


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