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Modern Love: Finding Intimacy In A Tech-Driven World

Staff Writer June 22, 2018 August 20th, 2019

In a world filled with rapid-fire swiping, liking, and matching,  it’s hard to figure out a balance between cyber networks and reality. After all, all those internet trolls you see spamming Youtube comment sections with racist jokes? Those are, unfortunately, real people. Real people with a grasp of technology, a WiFi connection–and maybe even a Tinder account.


At the same time, while meeting someone spontaneously on the subway sounds like rom-com fodder, there are equally no guarantees that your elusive IRL meet-cute won’t yield a creep. (Been there. Trust me). A few things the Internet brings to the table that old-fashioned locking-eyes-across-the-room and well-meaning friend set-ups can’t hope to accomplish are specificity (after all, you’re pretty sure you know what you want) and opportunity (but you need actionable way to find this specific, single-and-looking potential bae).  So knowing all that, how do we dip our feet into the dating world? How do we “genuinely” connect with others via the interwebs?

Generally, dating apps will bombard users with countless options using little to no preference filtering besides sexual orientation. With so few specifications, you might as well find someone IRL.

Apps like Tinder make it next to impossible to find honest rapport. Sure, being witty is the backbone to online dating, but what happens when the person you end up meeting reflects the opposite of what they were able to convey over text exchanges? (My first time on Tinder, I spent an entire day messaging one of my matches. The textual chemistry was insane. I had high hopes. But when we met up that same night, the first thing he did was whip out his Harvard student ID in case I “wanted proof;” whenever we left a room that night, he stuck out his elbow for “milady”(that’s me) to take. Then he made me salsa dance. I DIDN’T WANT TO SALSA.)

Of course, there are other sites like OkCupid that require you to enter every little detail about your lifestyle and those algorithms claim to match you with your perfectly ideal candidate. But so many times people can be great on paper, until we slowly realize that we don’t want actually someone exactly like us. We all want to grow, you know? We all want some surprises on the menu.

So what we need is a healthy balance between shared core values and genuine chemistry: a new app called EastMeetEast might be our answer.

EastMeetEast  caters to Asian-specific dating because they know cultural alignment matters, especially in relationships. Which also means a refreshing lack of fetishism–no thirsty white dudes telling you they’d like eat you out like fried rice, here! Or thirsty white girls looking for the cute oppa or unnie of their wildest k-pop fantasies.

Another thing separating EastMeetEast from the pack is the way they mash-up the best features of other apps and make them their own. First of all, they combine concept of instant match swiping and custom matches by giving their users the freedom to do both. They developed an algorithm that delivers recommended matches to your inbox (a perfect option for the lazy and/or indecisive) AND allows users to swipe through the general community of members. To show your interest, you “smile” at your matches. With their new livestream feature, EastMeetEast users can interact with other members using real-time videos, just like Facebook and Instagram. Not only are you able to see your potential dates in action (photos are so static, you know?), you also have the opportunity to participate as a viewer by commenting and sending emoji gifts.

Other things I noticed while using the app: you can see everyone who’s visiting you profile in real-time, an option Tinder has never offered, and that OKCupid removed (to users’ dismay). I personally am a huge fan of knowing who’s stalking me, so I can prioritize stalking them right back. You can also send and receive messages before matching with someone. Another interesting EastMeetEast feature that speaks to simultaneous diversity and commonality of its dating community is one of the basic questions asked when you first make your profile. What age were you when you arrived in the U.S.? Whether you’re a new transplant from abroad or you were born-and-raised in your city, you’ll immediately begin finding ground to connect with your matches.

As one of the best Asian dating apps in the market, EastMeetEast has connected countless couples–tens of thousands, actually–all over the world using its unique algorithm and browsing tools. Dating online is the future, but it doesn’t have to be all superficial.  As technology is advancing, so is the way we communicate, so get ahead of the curve, take a hot selfie and create a profile!