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Meet Audrey Tang: Executive Yuan’s First Transgender Official

Audrey O'Brien October 4, 2016 August 20th, 2019

Taiwan’s Audrey Tang has been always been impressive. The self-titled “civic hacker” was reading classic literature in multiple different language when she was in first grade. She dropped out of middle school and started her own business by the age of 16 (one of many successful startups founded by Tang). She then retired at the ripe old age of 33 to invest more time in Internet welfare projects, such as and the vTaiwan platform.

Feeling inadequate yet?

As of last August, this former Apple programmer added government official to her resume. The Taiwanese government has named her an executive councilor; her job now be will be helping the government to formulate its digital policies. She accepted the position so she can join the effort of making government more transparent, as well as helping grow the “Asian Silicon Valley.”

What makes Tang so successful? Possibly her 180 IQ. It also doesn’t hurt that she comes from a good home: both her parents have always been supportive, including when she came out as transgender and decided to transition at the age of 24.

Part of the reason for the government’s investment in Tang is due to pressure to relate to millennials, but they could not have chosen a more qualified candidate. If Tang’s appointment will make a major difference to the country is unknown, but it certainly can’t hurt to have a little more gender equality in the form of a certified genius, can it?

via Taipei Times

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