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Maroon 5 Is Teasing The Hell Out Of A Possible Collab With BTS

Katie Cannon January 17, 2018 January 19th, 2018

Today in news that made me gasp audibly at my desk: BTS might actually collaborate with MAROON 5. It’s the boy-band-meets-older-but-still-super-relevant-man-band mashup of my dreams, y’all. And if we take Maroon 5’s coy tweets seriously, there’s a solid chance of it becoming reality.

Rumors of potential collab have been percolating amongst stans since last month, when Maroon 5 joined BTS’s now-12-million-strong throng of Twitter followers. Then, the Adam Levine-fronted band promptly sent ARMY into a fangirl frenzy by liking a few of BTS’s tweets, particularly ones from a ~certain member.~

Apparently, they’re Jimin-biased. Can’t say I blame them.

But now fans have been #shook anew by cheeky encouragement from Maroon 5 themselves. It began with a simple smiley face in response to one ARMY’s plea for the band to collab with BTS:

It was enigmatic. It was cruel. That could mean anything! the fandom collectively shrieked.

BUT THE INTRIGUE DOESN’T END THERE. Maroon 5 continued to tease us with replies to increasingly desperate tweets.


Things then escalated to Tom Cruise levels of hysteria.

With an even more mysterious, referential response:

So basically, stan Twitter is freaking out. While this will just be yet another high-profile American collab under BTS’s  belt–already notched with names like The Chainsmokers, Desiigner, and Fall Out Boy–it could be the biggest yet.

And based on this obscure Youtube mashup of “DNA” and “Moves Like Jagger” I found, their sounds already mesh super well:

Please don’t be phunking with my heart, Maroon 5. And BTS–continue to slay the States, you glorious Korean kings.


Via All K-Pop , SBS