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This Man Married His Homemade Robot Last Week In China

Gina Ginsberg April 5, 2017 April 5th, 2017

Usually parents tear up at weddings, but I wonder how Zheng Jiajia’s mother felt when she witnessed her son marrying his homemade bride last week in front of friends and family.

Jiajia, 31,  is an engineer and has his master’s degree in artificial intelligence.

In 2014, Jiajia quit his job at a telecommunication company in Huawei and relocated to Hangzhou’s Dream Town, a special community designed to birth and nurture start-up companies, to create his robot companion.

He has plans to upgrade her tech so she can move around and do housework like a good wife. Right now, he has to carry his 60-pound bride around.

Jiajia said that he went through with marrying his 1-year-old robot after two months of “dating” to get his parents off his case about not being married. Nice decoy. His friends say it’s all a joke, and that Jiajia simply doesn’t care about romance after he got his heart broken once in college. He puts all his love into his work. And now, his work is his love.

Here, his wife can be seen wearing a traditional Chinese wedding veil. And again, by a river.

If this is an elaborate joke or an act of love, it could be something people do in the future. In China especially, there are many more men than women. A different guy in Hong Kong made a robot last year who happens to look a lot like Scarlett Johansson. Which puts a new meaning to Ghost in the Shell. Isn’t that movie about her being trapped in a robot body?

Via: Shanghaiist