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Lay’s New Single Is Making Everybody’s Hearts Go ‘BOOM’

Katie Cannon July 9, 2020 October 20th, 2020

Social distancing is taking a toll on everyone’s summer–but Lay Zhang’s not gonna to let that stop you from getting down with your isolated self. The singer has just released a true-blue summer bop, ‘BOOM,’ to save the summer ahead of Part 2 of his ‘LIT’ album. And it comes complete with its own viral dance challenge!

Prior to dropping the single yesterday, Lay challenged his stans to upload their own version of the #BOOMchallenge–a little choreography that’s super fun but more importantly, also physically plausible even for rhythmless plebs like yours truly.

Basically it slaps, and I have undisputable proof: immediately upon hearing this TikTok snippet coming from my speakers, with absolutely zero context, my boyfriend broke out into enthusiastic white-boy dancing and requested that I save the song so we can break it out later when we ‘need a pick-me-up.” It’s the cure to quarantine blues, people!

Say “Thank you, Lay!”

Then continue to count down the days to the full album release, which promises an additional 5 new tracks featuring “a groundbreaking blend of hip-hop and Mandopop.” The entire album is co-written by Lay himself, and while he worked with Murda Beatz on the first part of the album, the forthcoming second half features production by Scott Storch, best known for being a part of The Roots and for his work with artists like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and 50 Cent.