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Korean Woman Tosses $14,000 Out Window Of Her Moving Car Because YOLO [Video]

Katie Cannon July 25, 2018 July 30th, 2018

When I first read the headline for this story, I thought there had to be some kind of dark, corrupt reason behind it, like–maybe it was drug money. Or blood money. Or her shitty, cheating CEO husband’s embezzled money. But apparently it was just…her apartment deposit?

In a minute-long video of CCTV and black box footage, wads of won can be seen being thrown out the window of a moving car and scattering out on the streets of Daegu, South Korea. But as keeping money someone else dropped is legally considered theft in South Korea, most of it was turned in to police, who reportedly have collected 15.8 million won, or $13,970.

Per The Korea Herald, police tracked down the mother of mysterious driver through her license plate number, who said that her daughter had not given a reason for her drive-by donation, but that she had “expressed a desire to give money to people.” The 51-year-old driver had just moved to Daegu, where her family lives, from Seoul, and the discarded cash came from her previous home’s deposit.

So apparently the free-for-all was just an impulse out of the goodness of her heart? There are probably more effective methods of giving out money–like donating to a charity, or even just dispensing it amongst family and friends–but I’m guessing there’s something very cathartic about flinging thousands of dollars out of a moving car.

Police say that if she wants to, the driver can still lay claim to her discarded cash.

Via The Korea Herald