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Ko Ah-sung Talked to Twitch About OFFICE, Bong Joon-ho, and More

Staff Writer November 20, 2015 December 3rd, 2015

When THE HOST came out in 2006, the genre defying monster flick was received as a breakout hit for director Bong Joon-ho’s 2006 breakout monster flick – a view he’s only reinforced in the proceeding years. More quietly, however, THE HOST marked the beginning of another auspicious career in the appearance of then 13-year-old Ko Ah-sung. A decade later, the young actress has continued to make a name for herself by delivering sensitive performances in several high-profile projects, including her eventual reunion with Bong Joon-ho for their first international production, the sci-fi mind-bender SNOWPIERCER.

Since the Cannes premiere of her latest star turn in OFFICE, Hong Won-chan’s entry into the burgeoning Korean office-horror genre, Ko Ah-sung’s reputation has continued rise. With the film’s NY premiere at the Museum of the Moving Image’s Korean Film Festival bringing her to the city, Twitch’s Diva Vélez was able to sit down with this unique talent to discuss her growth as an actress, her process for choosing projects, her ambitions her influences, and more.

On growing up as an actress:

TWITCH: I’ve read you spend a lot of time on research and getting under the skin of a character. In A BRAND NEW LIFE… you studied people with disabilities so closely that you became depressed… When you are playing a role, are you the type of actor who prefers to stay in that character the whole duration of filming, or can you separate yourself when the director says “cut”?

Ko Ah-sung: In the past, in my teens, I really got into that. I couldn’t separate it {the character} from myself. But now, being in my twenties, I think I have self-control, so I can adjust and sort of coexist with myself and the role.

On working overseas:

TWITCH: SNOWPIERCER was your first production shot overseas. Before then you’d worked steadily in Korea; did you feel there was any difference in the way films are made overseas?

Ko Ah-Sung: The rules are very different. The filming each day, every day, there was a certain time that we finished filming and I found it was more organized. But in Korea, sometimes there’s no limit of time and depending on how you feel about it, it can go on.

On the actors who’ve influenced her:

TWITCH: Who are the actors that inspire you?

Ko Ah-Sung: There are so many. Too many! {Laughs} Mr. Song Kang-ho had a strong influence on me. I met him when I was 14, when I filmed The Host. Not only his acting, but his attitude as a film actor is really adorable. He didn’t exactly show me the way, or show me how to do it, but he had the greatest influence on me.

You can head over to Twitch to see the rest of the interview and read about Ko Ah-sung’s (understandable) reverence for Tilda Swinton, her experience working with director Hong Sang-soo on RIGHT THEN, WRONG NOW, and her plans for the future.

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