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Keep Calm and Don’t E.X.P.L.O.D.E: MOB PSYCHO 100 Coming to Television

Staff Writer February 10, 2016 February 10th, 2016

Full disclosure: I’ve never read ONE PUNCH MAN, and I’ve only seen the first episode of the webcomic’s anime adaptation. Still, that was all I needed to see to convince me that the series’ pseudonymous author, One, was one writer to watch out for *winks* *hangs head in shame* *leaves room*.

Well, good thing we were paying attention. A trailer was posted today teasing the release of MOB PSYCHO 100, a new television adaptation of One’s manga of the same name. While ONE PUNCH MAN explored one down-side of superhuman powers–the existential crisis that inevitably occurs when defeating baddies is just too easy–MOB PSYCHO takes a different tack on the hero complex.

Remember the days when you felt like your teen angst meant the end of the world? That you were so full of FEELINGS that you might just explode, catching thousands of human sheep who just didn’t get you in your gristly splash zone? For Mob, the titular protagonist of MOB PSYCHO, that melodramatic teen dream is a pretty problematic reality. Mob has psychic powers, but his telekenetic voodoo comes with baggage: if his emotions ever reach 100% (whatever that means), he’ll literally explode. Hence his name–Mob. If he wants to prevent an emosplosion, Mob has to stay under the radar, blend into the crowd and basically try to feel nothing.

Essentially, his resting bitch face is flawless.

So while ONE PUNCH MAN was desperately seeking intense experiences–anything to just feel something–Mob’s determined to stay stoic. And we’re all waiting with bated breath to see what happens when Mob accidentally loses control.  Produced by the animation studio behind FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST,  the show stars Setsuo Itō as Mob, with Yuzuru Tachikawa (DEATH PARADE) in the director’s chair.  With this caliber cast and crew behind the project, we reserve our right to geek out: Check out the trailer below:

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