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This Jackson Wang Fan Is Posting A Picture of Them Together Everyday Asking Him to Prom

Kia Tolentino February 21, 2018 August 20th, 2019

High school senior and avid K-Pop fan Elizabeth Zhang is looking to do the impossible: bring her all-time-favorite K-Pop idol and GOT7 bias, Jackson Wang, as her prom date. As someone who (unfortunately) went to an all-girl school with limited options and loves K-Pop with every fiber of my being, I’m mad I didn’t think to do this.

Since May 2017, the GOT7 stan has posted an image on Instagram every day of her photoshopped with the lead rapper captioned with a cleverly crafted pun, essentially asking the idol to prom with her. Some pictures appear to be carefully though out (see matching shirts or boba date), others seemingly random (holding a baguette), but all are absolutely hilarious. The puppy pic is a personal favorite.

As the IGOT7 continues to post on a daily basis leading up to the big day, she says she hopes to at least convey how Jackson Wang has impacted her among millions of stans worldwide, and that the project will show the idol how much his fans truly love and support him. “GOT7 has helped me through many hard times with their music and their positive messages in them,” she says. “Jackson’s determination and his story, one of struggle and tenacity and passion, have inspired me to work hard and continue to pursue my own passions.”

And while chances are slim of this becoming a reality given the fact that up until a few years ago idols couldn’t date without someone losing an arm and a leg be it by the idol’s label or crazed fans, a girl can dream. Should things not work out, the project would look great on her resume if she’s looking to go into social media – coming up with that many puns on a daily basis is no easy feat.