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Japanese Pop Idol Reveals Her Salary On Social Media

Otter Lee December 4, 2017 August 20th, 2019

As a member of pop idol group, Kamen Joshi, the Masked Girls,(more specifically the subgroup “Steam Girls”) 26-year-old Erina Kamiya has made a name for herself as a talented singer and dancer. Just how much money does her life of performing earn her though?

Kamiya posted two videos to YouTube that discussed the topic of her payment. In the first, she claims to make a whopping 20 million yen a month (roughly US $178,000), but quickly admits at the conclusion of the video that this was not true, calling it “fiction.” This past Monday, she chose to clear the air with her second video: “‘Nonfiction’ I’ll tell you my real salary.”

Kamiya spends the beginning of the video on a decidedly humorous note by holding up pieces of paper that do not show her paycheck. Eventually, she does hold them up and reveal her monthly earning to be 477,426 yen (roughly US$4,200). It’s neither a drastically high or drastically low number.

Kamiya describes both the blessings and struggles of the idol lifestyle, claiming that she wanted to show the parents of young prospective idols that it was possible to make a living off of the highly competitive career field. She also describes a time before stardom when she was only making 10,000 yen (about $89 US).

You can watch her official reveal video below. It has about 3,000 likes to 500 dislikes. The fake salary video was much more polarizing with 2,000 likes to 1,000 dislikes. Her YouTube presence has been growing since October with 139,000 subscribers as of December.

For comparison’s sake, her most recent video of her tasting pudding had 1,000 likes to less than 100 dislikes.

Kamen Joshi are known for the eclectic variety of masks they wear when performing, including hockey masks, steam punk gas masks, and medieval armor, depending on which of the three subgroups a performer is in. They recently became Akihabara’s official tourism ambassadors.

I can’t think of a group that better embodies the culture there!