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Interview With SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Singer Abby Trott

Otter Lee February 1, 2019 August 20th, 2019

On November 1st, 2018, Super Smash Bros Ultimate launched a YouTube trailer showcasing the new World of Light Adventure mode. Along with an intense animated fight sequence, the video featured a new original song titled “Lifelight.” For almost a month, the woman behind the catchy battle anthem remained an enigma, but eventually voice actress and singer Abby Trott would reveal her role.

With Nintendo’s blessing, AsianCrush obtained an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles-based performer.

How did you become involved with Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Was there an audition process?

There was an audition, and I was fortunate enough to be considered! Initially, I submitted my singing demo via Cup of Tea Productions, though at the time I didn’t know the title of the project. The second round of auditions involved singing a requested song [but not Lifelight]. When I found out I was cast and heard that the song I’d be singing was for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I completely lost it! As a huge fan of Nintendo, being a part of this game is such an honor, and something I never dreamed would happen in my life.

Describe the process of recording Lifelight. Did you listen to the original Japanese version? What kind of direction did Greg Chun give you?

I think we may have recorded the Japanese and English versions at around the same time, so I received instrumental tracks and sheet music, and we went from there. Greg was awesome. Under his direction, and with input from Nintendo, we were able to find the emotion and building intensity of the song.

Do VO, dubbing, and musical performance have an innate synergy for you?

There is synergy, definitely, but it isn’t necessarily innate. I have to thank my parents for putting me in piano lessons from a very early age; I think early exposure to music helped develop my ear. I think musicality can help with finding a character’s voice, or being able to mimic certain sounds. Also, dubbing involves a lot of timing, and having a sense of rhythm can be useful.

How did you keep yourself from spoiling such an awesome role in such an iconic game?

It was SO HARD! I’m a huge Nintendo fan, and so are my two brothers. Not telling them was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! Consequently, telling them was one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the privilege of doing.

The lyrics of the song are so fantastical and manage to feel uplifting yet dismal at the same time. Did they have a special meaning for you? 

They lyrics of “Lifelight” are so empowering to me. There is a bit of sadness and darkness to the song, but ultimately it feels like a rallying cry, and ends in triumph.

Were you a fan of Super Smash Bros or any other Nintendo games before? If so, which character do you main?

I am a huge Nintendo fan, although my Smash skills are limited! Samus is my go-to girl, but I’m looking forward to making Dark Samus my main in Ultimate.

What have been some of your favorite roles in video games and anime? Which do you relate to the most?

SO many! Maya Fey from Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, Mezato Ichi from Mob Psycho 100- but I’m going to shout out Julieta Juris in Gundam IBO. She is tough and a little weird, and I like it. I relate to all of the characters I play in some way or another – I have to in order to BE them. They are all infused with part of me, for better or for worse!

How did you break into the world of VO? Did you have extensive training in acting, music, or comedy?

I do! I’ve been acting and playing music since childhood. I love cartoons and have always admired the people who bring them to life- both animators and voiceover actors, but a career in voiceover was something I didn’t seriously consider until I moved to Japan. While living in Tokyo, I had the opportunity to do character voices for some children’s musicals I was working on at the time, and I realized how much I loved it. When I moved back to the States, I started taking a lot of classes for VO and improv.

What real world causes and issues are important to you?

Taking care of our planet is of the utmost importance. We’re probably only going to get one, so let’s keep ‘er tidy shall we?

If you weren’t a VO artist or performer, what do you imagine you would be doing instead?

I might have become a writer, or an artist in some other capacity, as I love to create things. I might still try those out at some point…