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The Media Is Upsettingly Obsessed With This Beautiful Thai Murder Suspect

Otter Lee June 14, 2017 June 15th, 2017

Priyanuch “Preaww” Nonwangcha has looks that could kill, and police believe that the 24-year old did in fact brutally murder her coworker from a Thai karaoke bar. The victim, Warissara “Amm” Klinjui was found gruesomely sawed in half and dumped in separate buckets in the woods. Preaww, meanwhile, had escaped to Myanmar, where she continued to work as a karaoke lounge girl.

Police arrested Preaww and two other suspects (Kawita Rachada and Apiwan Satayabundit) with reports estimating that as many as 90 cops were involved in apprehending the trio.

Unfortunately, the story has become even more sensational in the wake of what locals are calling “Preaww Fever.” The murder suspect’s good looks and apparent charm have made her a celebrity and sensation.

Preaww’s sister, claims that Preaww only meant to assault Amm, but became enraged when Amm told her “If I survive [this], then you [will] die!” 

The victim, 22-year old, Warissara “Amm” Klinju.


Police believe that Preaww murdered Amm for ratting out her drug-dealing boyfriend to local authorities. However, more people have been talking about Preaww’s looks than her alleged atrocities. Her social media photos, long hair, glowing skin, and tattoos have captivated the media and Internet. It’s worth mentioning that the murder victim’s photos have also received praise and attention for their beauty.

Even law enforcement proved unable to withstand Preaww’s allure. Police officers in Chiang Rai posed for pictures with the suspected murderess, even allowing her such amenities as makeup and cigarettes.  They were quickly punished and transferred for their transgressions, though reports of Preaww’s special treatment have continued.

Some even believe that the high number of officers reported to have apprehended Preaww and her compatriots is an embellishment by those looking to be a part of the chase of such a well-known and beautiful target.

Young schoolgirls and aspiring socialites have even begun claiming they want to emulate the luxurious and stylish aspects of Preaww’s lifestyle prior to the savage slaughter.

Like the plot of the musical Chicago, Preaww and her accomplices may be headed to death row for murder, but they have evidently stolen the hearts of the nation with a whirlwind of media coverage, a deluge of fake news stories, and a smattering of selfies–proving that beauty truly can be a blessing for even the worst among us.

Via: AsiaOne