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Hong Kong Woman Lured Into Marriage Disguised As Job Training

Otter Lee August 30, 2018 August 30th, 2018

One’s wedding day should be a joyous occasion, but a 21-year-old woman from Hong Kong is claiming that she was swindled into giving her hand in marriage.

The unnamed woman was looking for work on social media when she came across a Facebook ad for a make-up artist apprenticeship. Shortly after showing up, the unsuspecting lady was told that she should swap vocations and become a wedding planner.

Convinced that she had found her true calling, the woman was provided with a week of free training. Her final test was allegedly to participate in a “mock marriage ceremony.” Now, here’s where things really swerved into the realm of the problematic.

The “fake wedding” took place in the Chinese province of Fujian with the victim being instructed to sign an official looking provincial marriage license. Unfortunately, the document turned out to be a legitimate one.

When the 21-year-old flew back to Hong Kong, a classmate helped her realize that she had been deceived. Upon returning home, she tried to go to the police, but they informed her that in their view, no crime had technically taken place.

The man the girl was forcibly married to remains unnamed and his motives unknown.It’s possible that he sought to apply for a residence within the city through the union.

Tong Kamgyiu, director of the Rights and Benefits Committee of the Hong Kong Federal Trade Union declared “It’s a new form of marriage scam. I feel disappointed and cannot believe it’s even happening in modern Hong Kong.”

The Hong Kong Police has recorded as many as one thousand of these illicit marriage scams a year.

Mr.Tong further stated that he does not believe the young woman is to blame for being so thoroughly duped, adding “The 21 year-old lady was taken advantage of while she knew nothing about the circumstances. Her biggest loss is to have a marriage record and it has caused her psychological damage.”

According to the victim, she was concerned about how official the marriage document looked, but her then prospective employer assured her that anything she signed would be void. The woman has since remained married since July.

Maybe she could try to trick her new husband into getting a divorce?