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Here Are All The Asian Films Screening at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival

Tim Rousseau April 18, 2016 May 2nd, 2017 cannes film festival 2016

There is a great line up of films from Asian filmmakers in this year’s Cannes Film Festival. This year we see some old faces and the return of past winners. This will mark Park Chan-Wook‘s first time returning to the festival since OLDBOY and a continuation of Hirakazu Kore-Eda frequent appearances.

Check out the stills below and make sure to watch these flicks when they get released.

MA’ ROSA dir. by Brillante Mendoza (Philippines)

MA’ ROSA follows Rosa and Nestor, a married couple who sell methamphetamine out of their sari-sari shop. They are set up one night for a police bust and are arrested without a warrant.


THE HANDMAIDEN dir. by Park Chan-Wook (South Korea)

The Handmaiden - Cannes

Photo Cred. – The Hollywood Reporter

This Korean adaptation of Sarah Waters’ novel “Fingersmiths” follows the story of an heiress who falls in love with a petty thief. Park has previously won the Grand Prix for his 2004 film OLDBOY. This will be the first Korean film in four years to compete for the Palm d’Or.


APPRENTICE dir. by Boo Junfeng (Singapore)

Apprentice - cannes

Photo Cred. – Variety

At his new job, Aiman forms an unusual friendship with Koon, the chief executioner at the prison. After Koon’s apprentice quits, Aiman must overcome his conscience and past trauma to become the new chief executioner.

This is Boo’s second feature film.


HARMONIUM dir by Kôji Fukada (Japan)

Harmonium - Cannes

Photo Cred. – Film de Culte

After Yasaka gets released from prison, his old acquaintance, Toshio, hires him in his workshop. Soon, Yasaka begins to meddle in Toshio’s personal life.

Fukada is known for his 2010 release HITORI NO SAKUKO.


AFTER THE STORM dir. by Hirokazu Kore-Eda (Japan)

After The Storm - Cannes

Photo Cred. – The Film Stage

Private detective, Ryoto, wastes all his money gambling and is barely able to pay his child support until a stormy night helps him to take back control of his life and reconnect with his family. Starring Hiroshi Abe, Kirin Kiki, and Yoko Make.


THE WAILING dir. by Na Hong-Jin (South Korea)

The Wailing - Cannes

Photo Cred. Scene 360

A strange illness starts spreading after the arrival of a stranger to the little village. A police officer is forced to get involved in order to save his daughter in this mystery thriller by Na Hong-Jin.


TRAIN TO BUSAN dir. by Yeon Sang-Ho (South Korea)

Train to Busan - Cannes

TRAIN TO BUSAN is a film about zombies on the KTX train headed to Busan.


EXIL dir. by Rithy Panh (Cambodia)

EXIL is based on Panh’s memory of living through the invasion of Khmer Rouge and the atrocities suffered by the hands of the Cambodians.

Source – Festival De Cannes

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